Ann-Marie Spittle


The heavens were thick with shooting stars
That night so long ago
As homeward travelled the brave souls
That gave their lives that day
Like fire they raged across the skies
Burning deeply in my eyes
As hundreds blanketed the darkness
With lights as bright as day

They gave a fireworks display
Like the 4th July on a summer’s night
And when the blackness returned
As the final light gave out
I turned to walk away
From down that lonely hill

Then suddenly a light so bright
Lit up the jet blackness of the night
For a soul who had supremely sacrificed
Was going home to his God

I stood in reverence of this awesome sight
Of one who gave his all to save
His friends upon that day
That they might see their homes again
Hold loved ones in their arms
And know his sacrifice was not in vain
Upon that fateful day

So next you see a shooting star
Remember whose great souls they are
And the brightest is the one
Who loved the most of all