Ann-Marie Spittle


Yesterday the smiling faces of the winners
Laced the streets to hear the joyous news
That preparations for the great games cometh
And many danced in fountains in the mews

Then daybreak and the unexpected happened
The euphoric wave of happiness is sucked down
Into a maelstrom of the fear of human emotion
As the first explosion ripped into London’s heart

Others break the back of London’s bloodline
And people look in horror on the scenes
Of people only minutes earlier laughing
Now running out in terror by any means

We sit and wait with baited breath and wonder
If those we love are soon to be announced
But all we have is silence from the speakers
Of who are the unexpected casualties of war

People speak of sights they did not want to
See or be involved in on this day
But fate as always holds the cards of our future
And today we face the horrors once again

Trapped in our once secure fortresses
We wait until the all clear is sounded once again
As once the Londoners of WWII did
And hope that not too many now are dead

The PM talks to us upon the radio
And seems to voice what Winston Churchill said
We will not tolerate these bullying tactics
Of these barbaric people in our midst

Stand tall and join together in once voice
And say no we will not yield to those who try
To destroy the life generations have fought and died for
And not let us be bullied by their threats

This weekend is the time for us to remember
The generation who gave their lives for us
But also we must use their strength and guidance
To get us through this time of evil to

I hope that those who’ve felt the loss this morning
Are comforted by someone close at hand
And their hearts are mended somehow
After these atrocities end in town

Memories of friends I almost lost once
Flow into the forefront of my mind
How I to had to call a certain Helpline
And describe them even down to earrings
They were wearing at the time

I know we all came out of it with few scars
But they still arise when things like this come through
And my anger rises at sight of the walking wounded
Who should not be included in this fight

For each of these is someone’s family
And only monsters attack and kill the ones you love
Thinking it will break your spirit further
But all it does is make your resolve stronger still

Cowards pick on those who aren’t expecting
An onslaught during celebration and song
And I hope those who have caused this will be judged
In this life not the other pretty soon

Author’s Note: As we in London have been subjected today to a series of bombings that have frozen us for a while, I have written a poem to express how I feel about it to help me cope.