Ann-Marie Spittle


I’m sorry but we have tried
The pains is to great this time
Our hearts cannot take another volley
Stand down
Leave the battlefield
You do not belong here
For your weakness is abhorrent
We have fought while you lay down
And let others cover your position

Stand back and let us do
Out of my light Shadow maker
For you take light from that which needs it
And leave growth to shrivel in your wake
You’re heart cannot stand the hail of life’s bullets
But stand behind another as a human shield
Or give them up to feed the beast our foe

I cannot save you
You must face this war within yourself alone
Do battle with your demons
Rebuild the trust destroyed by others acts
And when you have an ounce of human decency

Maybe one day
I will see you care
Open your heart to others
And really feel
But right now
You need to yield the field
And leave the warriors of hearts
Complete this campaign

Author’s Note: After watching “House” with Hugh Lawrie, I was inspired to write about the flip-side of the February theme word, Philanthropy.

Submitted for the February 2006 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Philanthropy