Ann-Marie Spittle


I stand here knowing you are always with me
Holding me when I am fearful here
You have given me a purpose that is frightening
But I stand firm knowing you are with me every day
For you were a warrior once Lord
Your monsters were also of the two legged kind
And as I stand here looking at the carnage
And I wonder…
But I know you understand their fear and mine

Our diversity has caused us to be separate
And our beliefs have split us up over the years
I hope that the common decency of mankind
Will win when I see the children that they have
And know we must ensure they live their lives
Free of all the terror and the carnage here

I have fought in Ireland and also in the Falklands
And now I’m in a desert land of ancient times
For as my forefathers did before me
I am fighting for this Promised Land as mine
But whereas they were here to take and plunder
I am here to right the wrongs they caused
And show the people of Iraq were here for them now
And I hope they will at least please hear our cause

But many will fight against the worldview
And many will be angry at out cause
And they will cause great anguish in our numbers
And terrorise us until they hope we fall

But You are stood beside me as always
And hold my hand as over them I stand
And give the last rights to a beloved soldier
Who still is some mother’s son this very night

I pray that soon this war will soon be over
And home to their families they will go
But will the evil of this place ever leave them
And will their dreams be happier now their home?

I hope they can at least have faith in you Lord
And know that when we fight evil in men
That bloodshed is a given, not an option
When evil has been living in their head

I pray that You will guide these people homeward
To Your arms so comforting and strong
And will make them see violence is not the answer
And that though Your name is different in their world
What You stand for is the same the same in any tongue
Love is always love in any language
And I hope that they find love in their hearts again
Please help them find the true peace of Christmas
And that the children learn once more to smile again

Submitted for the December 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Diuturnity