Ann-Marie Spittle


He looks out of the window at the sunshine and the grass,
He thought he would never see this day, but those thoughts soon they pass,
He smiles at the face of our children and he smiles right back at me,
He smiles as I wheel him to the swing as he watches the children run,
He may have been a killer once, but he’s back as my husband now.
He fought for King and country when up the great shout rose;
He fought with all his might for those he loved. And oh it shows!
He fought to make the world right for the children of this place,
He fought so they might know peace and it shows there in his face.
He may look like an ordinary man to you, but not to me,
Not to them is he a hero, but truly is you see,
For he didn’t wait for someone else to do the job for him,
And thought he paid the price for this his life it is not grim.
For up to him the children run and give him lots of hugs,
The shell fire and the bullets fade like the noise of a doodlebug,
He sees their happy faces and knows that they are truly free,
He did it for his country, his children, and for me.