Ann-Marie Spittle


Lord, help the people who wake in the night
And remember the terrors of that fateful day
Lord, help the children who saw on the news
The terrible sight as the planes hit
And fear that the world will never be right
Lord, help the mothers who wonder if they will ever be free of that terrible day
Lord, help the parents of those who were lost
And help them to deal with their terrible loss
Lord, help the men who committed this terrible deed
And repent of their sin and know what they did
That it was not for your glory they killed on that day
But the evil that surrounds us each and every day

Lord, help us to see how you worked hard that day
To save all the thousands that could have been there
That even in the death and smoke
Your angels were about their work
And even the blind man was thought of and was helped out of the darkness
And we pray that we never face evil like this again
And we pray that out children will not forget
And we pray that we will stand up against this evil
And help to make a difference

Author’s Note: This is a poem I wrote and submitted for a fund raising poetry request after 9/11