Ann-Marie Spittle


No more words
Let me breath
Stop you incessant flattery and let me be
I must return to that which I knew
Before the sea-change
Your youth may have its attraction
But what of peace?
The tranquil utterances of nature
That sooth the soul when all around is chaos
You are full of emptiness
Deep as the skin on a rice pudding
And just as old
I crave a deeper time now
One of meaning not frivolity
The depths call to me
And you cannot follow
You are a passing fancy
Embellished by my own soulnessness
But that has changed now
For I have spoken with warriors
And have for a brief moment looked through their eyes
And I know something
And understand something
That peace comes at a price

Narcissus, return to your pool
Dwell on the things that keep you blind
And stop your steps upon the path of maturity
Darken my light no more
Let my lamp guide me
That I may untangle this web of blandishment
See through my own eyes
And know life as it truly is

Submitted for the August 2005 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Blandishment