Ann-Marie Spittle


I miss the laughing and the messing
The sudden long caressing
The tickling that turns into something more
The chasing and the tumbling
The kissing and the fumbling
The belly laughs when we both hit the floor

I miss the sound of laughter
When I mess up sweaters
After you have helped me measure you
Both up and down
When you eyes they sparkle sultrily
And I know what you want from me
And make you beg and plead before you get it

I miss walking in the rain
And the feeling of the wind
And the love of being close in nature’s torrents
I miss splashing you with seawater
Pinching you where I ought not to
Just to see the scold upon your face

I miss flowers unexpected
And the fuss that you intended
As I look for the vase hidden in the loft
And the candles and the dreams
And the warmth a body feels
When you’re close to me
And I feel safe and warm

So I ask that this war ends
So you back with me again
And I have the man I wait for every day
I don’t care if your leg is gone
You can wheel or hobble home
Just get here so I can kiss your lips again