Ann-Marie Spittle


With hearts together in unison
We march toward out fate
Dark days ahead in a place of the heathen
Faceless enemies surround us in a bleak landscape
Taking on the appearance of the population
Until we are spun into a fury
Reacting in a manor unfitting
For the expectations afforded us
In our role as authoritarian ambassadors
Over the memory of centuries
Faces and ages change
While undercurrents flow faster
Lies and slander
Libels and labels
Throw the once stolid support
Into convulsions
Causing the body of a war machine
To grind to a halt
Flounder and flay into its death throes
So that the mirror cracks
Societies fracture
A nation sits divided
Branding the hides of the ants
Forced by the nest to defend its seeming prize
Until recalled to rest
Till the hive is attacked again

Submitted for the November 2007 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Yearn