Ann-Marie Spittle


Let not the sands of time erase our memory
Of those lost through the darkness of others
Who following a false belief
Plunge into the depths of denial
At the acts committed for their cause

Stand tall
Be counted
Raise the flag of democracy
Love and light

Support the heroes
For when they return
Support is their need for justification
Of the banner they followed

Do not berate
For hearts speak louder than drums
Beaten for the wrong reason
When truth is followed
The path is straight
That others may follow
In the footsteps of the enlightened

Be gentle with the warrior
Who gave his life
Then and now
To the war machine
So that you might stand
With placard in hand
Fearing no repercussion
Ending in death

See not the faces of the worn
By the flame in their eyes
Still burning with the belief in their nation
Do not extinguish it
With fraises of false accusations
Those that fight need no such politics
For they gave their all for those they love
For a chance
To feel the wind of freedom
On the faces of the children
Who come after them
Knowing they gave what others could not
And in the giving
Freed us all