Ann-Marie Spittle


I raised a rock the other day
That some claimed was democracy
But all to soon the creatures there
Did swarm around engulfing me
They twittered and hissed
Dispelled acid back and forth
In defence of their beliefs
But as I thought my time was nigh
Patriotism came on by
He took a can of faith and hope
And sprayed me up and down
So all that crawled and crept around
Was the snake of material gain
“We’ll fight your cause,” the creature said
“Though it is not our fight
We’ll stir it up around the world
And show it of our might”

The warriors of patriotism bowed their heads
And set off for the battle fields
Where their leaders said they should be led
They fought for what was right
Though many would be dead
For they believed in freedom
While democracy turned its head
And left them fight the battle
That politics couldn’t crack
But stood back in its bunker
Shouting “I’m alright Jack!”

But one day when history revisits
These days of the Middle East
And the passages our Grandchildren read
From the records of those deceased
The bodies will only be numbers
Not sons and daughters overseas

Submitted for the January 2006 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Vitriolic