Ann-Marie Spittle


All I ask is to do my job
To wear the uniform that brings me pride
To stand with others who believe the same
And in united numbers stand for what is right
I ask to be taken seriously in the task I do
Not laughed at derisively because I am a clerk
I do the work the same, I carry arms
And feel the pain of those who have been scared and torn by battle
I’m often the one who sends the letter to the loved one
Or reads the news as the tears flow down their face
And holds them till the sobs and shakes subside for now
I ask to be given the right to be
To not have to ask or excuse what I am
To be the soldier that I wish to be
Not seen as an excuse because I do not run over battlefields
All I ask is to be treated with respect for what I do
For while you sit at home I’m still about
Checking that no threat has been reported
And keep the boards updated for the brass
I stand guard just as you do
Making sure the world we know stays that way with my small tasks
I may not have the muscle or the brawn
But I do have the brain
And I ask just because I’m a woman
Why you think I don’t feel the same