Ann-Marie Spittle


All battle scars are the same
In the loving eyes of family
From the biggest to the smallest one of all
They are fearful for your safety
Be it riding a bike
Or entering a war zone

The heart is always there guiding your way
And when the scars weigh heavy
As you walk along life’s highway
You know there’s always somewhere you can go
That will treat your scars all equal
From the oldest to the youngest
The name of this great place is family

For their love is always shinning
To guide you thorough the darkness
When those scars weigh heavily upon your heart
Their hugs take away the heartache
Maybe only for a moment
But that moment last forever
Come what may

So in your darkest hour
Know there is always someone
Who sees you as the child who fell that day
And they will always be there
To listen and to hold you
And wash away your troubles
And return you to your childhood
Once again

This poem was inspired by the story, “Battle Scars
©Copyright August 17, 2005 by Monica L. Murphy