Ann-Marie Spittle


What dark law
Enslaved my youthful soul
And left it black as pitch
Only for the law makers
To run from their creation
Dark monster of a military Prometheus
Forged in a likeness
That left me hollow as a golem
Open only to be filled with death

Sorrow followed
Deep, dark, soul engulfing sorrow
That pulled and clawed
At what humanity was left
Hoping to gain purchase
And steal that final piece
And claim my soul

But I fought
And faced the law givers
With their own words
And told them loudly of their lies
And shared secrets
They wished none to hear
Opened were the eyes of the innocent
To save the generations to follow

But the dark lawmakers became more colluding
And tried to quell my voice in the darkness
But I spoke on
And made Joe Public hear the truth
That others would not suffer my fate
And be trapped in the darkness
When they could stay in the light
And live