Sarah B. Soucy


Like heroes we stand
One procession of Love
Moving against the tides
Of bitter fruit
Where once ideas stood
Now find I
Our own human feet
Dangling from
An even greater plateau
That One day would come
And the meaning of life
Would be known
Not hushed, not hidden
Right in the hearts
Of men and women
An eternal echo
Among firemen

Oh such withered
Wretched woe
A cry for hope
My unfettered goal
What foolishness
Enwraps my soul
If I’m not quite
Ready to go
And why then am I still here
Dust thrown across my eyes
As we search what is left behind
Images and sounds of cries
Echoes of past lives
The Stoic face of Pride

Slowly drops of rain
Fall gently into the earth
Why even Nature is weeping
Sorrow melts the air we breathe
Steady rise and fall of chest
Now almost calming
The soothing lure of sleep
Floats over me
And I dream

That Tragedy
Is just God’s wings
Carrying us
That we would come to know
The breadth of Love
How else shall we see
This great distance between
If not for Suffering
That all Joy finds measure

This is what remains
Freedom’s rain
So step a solid foot
Upon a broken land
Courageous in your shaking
Sultry in your song
For the injured soldier
Carries on