Doug Soderstrom


Dear Lord,
I am but a soldier,
Caught up in a world,
That I do not… that I cannot understand.

Just a simple man or woman,
Having been thrust into a war,
Between two foes,
Each bent upon destroying the other.

I have been told,
That we are good,
And that they, the enemy,
Are evil.

Foreigners each,
Between the two.

Dear Lord,
Guide me in thy ways,
Teach me how to think
Tell me how to live my life.

Grant me the strength to stand up,
Even the courage,
To follow in thy ways,
The wisdom to walk in your footsteps.

That I might take my place,
At your side,
That I might share with you,
The passion of “the cross.”

That I might learn to love my enemy,
That I might learn to stand in his shoes,
That I might understand that we are not different,
That we are each the same.

That I might understand,
That we are soldiers… mere robots,
That we have been trained to hate,
And to want to kill each other.

I pray that you would,
Take me in thy hand,
That you would mold me… remake me,
To be more like you.

Dear Lord, teach me to love my enemy,
That I might extend to him my hand,
That in the presence of your love,
We might become as one.

Part 2 of the Trilogy: Militaris Inhumanitas