Rod Smith

Rod resides in Cedar Springs, Ontario, Canada


What of war paints laden’s way
As tears fall from behind,
And all of bullets sound will pay
As what war’s left unkind.

But as rewound war can’t come back
From all that it’s not been.
As what soldiers count laden’s pain
From battles left between.

For battles between all war’s talk
To reminisce past lies
And remember all past away
From what past war some cries.

But in what wars no one can talk
Are those have not been yet.
Until the last at last world ends
And Gods collect their bets.

For as gods cry at all we’ve been,
What greed that hate can’t pay,
And as we die from all wars past
Will be love’s final day.

But as love’s final day draws near
When futures can’t look back,
As all hate greed of people try
To plan their last attack.

But before final attack starts
A saviour brings from kind
To all left wandering through hate
And what war’s left behind.