Pamela Gayle Smith

Pam is from SW Indiana. She has not served in the military, but has had relatives in service for America since the Civil War (both sides). Her nephew was in Saudi; her brother, husband, uncle and cousins were in Vietnam; her Dad is a World War 2 Veteran; both her grandfathers served in World War 1; she had a great-grandfather who served in Cuba and two great-great-grandfathers who fought in the Civil War.

Pam is a contributing poet in various publications, including:

  • When I Was a Child: Bandal Book
  • Serenade to a Stinkweed: Bandal Books
  • Let Us Not Forget: iUniverse
  • Crumbs in the Keyboard: Echelon Press
  • Portals: Poetwork Press

Index of Writings