Pamela A. Smith and Friends


She also serves who sits in wait
Her service not recognized by the state
Except by a folded flag for the highest price
Sometimes followed by pointless lies.
She supports them without remorse
As they fight through their course
She’s seen eyes bright and deep darkness
She’s watched as he works through stress.

©Copyright April 2003 by Mark I. Kirkmeyer

To serve this country was his choice
In this war now, she has not a voice
She will support him all that she can
As he battles far away, in a distant land
He has answered the freedoms call
Pray it’s not answered with his all
For fear, she can no longer sleep
Pride does not allow her to weep

©Copyright April 2003 by Faye Sizemore

Alone she lives in fear,
For her loved one so dear,
Waiting for the day he comes home,
Knowing then, she won’t be alone.
The days drag as the war beats on,
As she listens to their favorite song.
Hope and praying,
Nothing goes wrong

©Copyright April 2003 by Steve Brandenburg

She sometimes must hide her fear,
believing the kids should not hear.
Quickly changing the TV station,
always monitoring them one by one.
Living this life of daily trial,
it’s so hard to keep wearing a smile.

She is the cradle and the staff,
The comic who makes him laugh,
The silken lining on the earth,
The wonderment which give life birth,
She is the soldier’s liberty,
The glamorous, the free,
The indestructible delight,
For which great nations fight.

©Copyright April 2003 by Colin F. Jones

Waiting, always waiting for the knock on the door
Each time, the news she watches, her heart in her throat
Heart pounding, tears falling unabashed, is today the day,
Life within her womb growing, will she have a father
Trying to keep busy, trying to be brave, no one can know
None to know of the rivers of tears each night she cries
Must be brave, no one can know especially him
Life on hold, each day torment and torture
What will she do, if today the knock does come
One last flag draped coffin, one last note of Taps
No more, no more, no more to love, no more to live.

©Copyright April 2003 by Rebecca SaraAnne Walking Sparrow (nee Grey Eagle)

She is the calm in the center of the storm,
The one who keeps the kids safe and warm.
She tends to all the family’s ills,
And manages to pay unexpected bills.
Remaining strong, with few complaints,
It’s not overdoing it to call her a saint;
All the while keeping her own worry inside
Showing her spouse only love and pride

©Copyright April 2003 by Thurman P. Woodfork

Submitted for the April 2003 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Portrait of a Soldier