James H. Smith


Shaman, Spirit Walker he would never use the name
He looked beyond the veil looking beyond others pain
A question elder, if I may speak
An answer, to a waking dream, your wisdom I seek
Next to me a dark monster stands, within the dark reaches of space
A land of green, blue water and golden sun if I but turn my face
I stand between two worlds, neither the same
But was it from one or both I came
Look inside, you are as I, he said
Some say we walk and talk with the dead
But different not you and I from other man
Look behind, we both leave foot prints in the sand
We listen beyond what is heard is all we do
Look beyond what is seen, me and you
It is a simple thing in that all may share
Fear and disbelief rule many so they do not dare
Why do you ask me to answer, for it’s not my dream
The answer must come from you, or so it would seem
Beware the Elder’s wisdom spoken, who died a bitter twisted man
His venom and twisted vision, is carried far beyond this land
The monster you ask, perhaps Trickster’s his name
Now answer your own question, we are all the same

John Doyle: Mountain Spirit Dancer
John Doyle: Mountain Spirit Dancer. Photo courtesy of
First People of America and Canada, Turtle Island
IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: January 20, 2007
Awarded: January 20, 2007