James H. Smith


I’ve been made fun of with my big brim hat and my pointy toe boots, just my country boy way
But my style I think is here to stay
Well a Saturday night a few back
I went to visit me one of them up town big city bars, kept me up, well past time to hit the sack
I sit myself down at the bar and order me a beer
When this little blonde filly comes up rubbing on my shoulder, just a might bit near
Howdy Tex, leave your horse outside?
Why maybe you and me could go out and take a little ride
I sort a stepped back and gave her a look
Looked like she been drawn from the pages of some really weird book
Holes poked up and down and around both ears and filled with rings of all size
But what got my attention most, the gold ring In her nose, and the gold lead shank
hooked to the ring in her belly button, to me didn’t look all that wise
Well I spoke right up and said ma’am I can’t go outside with you, seems you belong to another
I see you’ve got his nose ring and lead on, leaven with you would be like cutting in on a brother
My comments didn’t seem to sit too well, she called me a few choice names then spit and sputtered
turned and stormed off all in a big fat flutter
One thing I can say for this young lady, she was anything but meek
I knew I’d been right though, cause I happened to look down as she turned and walked away and
right there for all to see, someone had slapped their screaming eagle brand on her aaah… left cheek
Laughter drew my attention to the fella on the next bar stool, dressed in black leather,
golden ear rings, gold ball on the tip of his tongue and gold spike shoved clear through his lower lip; Why, you would think it would seep.
So I spoke up, pardon me boy but with all those holes when you drink that beer don’t you leak
Doc! Well he just left my room, said I’d be scabbed up enough to leave in a day or so.
Got myself a little banged up you know.
Well, think I’ll take myself back up to the mountains here in a short time
Where the only business I’ll find to mind, is mine