James H. Smith


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Had my cook fire going and just set back with a cup
He came out of the draw, just walked right up
Just kind of circled around
Then stood there and looked me up and down
I just sat there kind of quiet like, sippin’ on my cup
I be darn, if he didn’t just walk right up
He sat down by my feet
Looked at me, as if asking got anything to eat
He was old and lean
Looked like in his day he’d been kind of mean
One ear was ripped, clear out to the tip, one eye kind of glowed in the night
His other was white from a long ago fight
But his head was held high
There was fire in that one good eye
He was the biggest gray wolf I ever seen
Well I had me a side of bacon in my chuck, and he looked mighty lean
So I took the pig out and cut the old boy off a chunk
He took it and looked at me as if to say thank you so much
Well he sat right there, eat it down
Like it was the best meal he had ever found
The old gray hung around that night
I talked and told stories must have been a sight
I guess it seems kind of absurd
Me talkin’ and him looking like he hung on each word

Old friend you and I are a dying breed
The world moves around us with too much speed
Were both kind of old, crippled up and lame
But we’re too darn proud to show any pain
You and I my friend ask help from no man
From the time we was pups, we’ve roamed free this land
And all we ask is to be left alone, and when we die
May our spirits roam, free on this land that we call home
I was ready to move at break of day
Mounted up and ready to start on my way
The old wolf looked up as if to say
Thanks for the meal friend, stop in any time you’re up my way
Old wolf you and I are a dying breed
I don’t know seems like somewhere along the line, someone must have lost our seed
I got an old cancer eye over in the draw
She’ll serve your needs
I’ll knock her down so you can feed
Your kind lived here long before mine
To leave you with nothing , would be most unkind
Your welcome on my range any time my friend
I see you, maybe the west hasn’t come to an end
Please feel free, help yourself once in awhile to one of my sick or old cows
Leaving you to starve my friend, just doesn’t seem right somehow