James H. Smith


Wishes wash upon the heart as waves wash upon the ocean shore
They come, they go, some remembered, some shortly lost to time
Birthdays are days of wishes, the day wishes of mothers came true
A day of wishes for children no matter how old they may be
Birthdays may come with a surprise, they also make one realize
Along with ageless beauty and timeless eyes
Within the heart a special wish and secret lies.
A wish almost never spoken, spoken whispered only to a most trusted friend
My wish upon this special day, may you always be well, be happy and be loved
One more special wish if I may say
May the soft moonlight reach down and carry to you, your hearts most secret wish.
Be it a smile a single rose or a million.
To an end this now must come; Happy Birthday to an ageless lady,
Whose light glows brighter with each passing year.
Again, may your hearts most secret wish come true
On this your special day.

Author’s Note: For Dani (Danielle N. Calhoun)