James H. Smith


Between sleep and wake lie the shadows of truth
The time when the body lingers half between death and life
The soul, itself tethered to the body with the smallest of threads
Forgetting what has been taught, remembering what was learned
Touching without reaching those loved
One’s who have passed and those yet to come
Be these dreams, or the truth unveiled
Memories of the blood, or soul memories true
You’re found in this life between sleep and wake
wrapping your heart and soul around mine
As we dance, are we dancing together through time
Or is our dance, but the dance of a dream
Perhaps! I died, for at the moment we die, I’m told
we live a thousand beautiful lives
Yet each morning I awake, lay there and pray
sometime you be found, safe, happy and loved
I reach my arms into space
I can feel you near, I am still dancing with you