James H. Smith


With you, neither hello nor goodbye need I say
Aloha says it so well, I send to you, greetings, hello, goodbye
affection, love, that which animates our hearts

For I know as day becomes night and night turns to day
When at first I came to know you, it was more a feeling, than a seeing.
I knew whether near or far you have been with me always

Aloha wau ia oe, is only to say I love you
But then, of long roads walked, no other way could I ever have been
And though nothing more than our souls, may or may not in this life touch

Aloha nui loa, much love, fondest regards.
May God hold you and yours always in his hands
A hui kaua, until we meet again

Aloha! A hui hou, good-bye, until we meet again, if it be a day or a thousand years
By our eyes, each will know the other and be recognized