James H. Smith


The night is bright, the trail empty as I sit and wait
Whispers, they come, they come
I watch the trail; the starlight’s green glow will determine their fate
Whispers wait, wait some

A green man shows in the starlight’s glow cresting the hill
Whispers, wait some squeeze slow
So close I smell him in the humid night air, so close I could not fail
Whispers, wait, hold, let him walk on, you must let him go

Years have passed; the body that holds me is growing old
Whispers, wait they come with what you seek
Perfumed desert winds take me, through memories of where I belong and stories told
Whispers, listen, its wisdom the old ones speak

I walk the mountain, held within the silence of majestic trees
Whispers, Warrior you came to fight, to walk here again
Voices speak; visions of ancients come to me
Whispers, Soldier you shall come again, you know not when

1911 at the moment my closest friend, looking for the light where the darkness ends
Whispers, careful where you put your hand
Those who came here before me, I could not call friend
Whispers, feel there is more to this tunnel bottom than red dirt sand

The old ones, warriors who have gone before speak to me as I travel life’s trail
Whispers, whispers of the old ones protectors and guide
Whispers of love and life and death, warrior you shall come to our wars again
Whispers, whispers of a warrior gone but waiting for the next battle tide

Be he mounted on iron or flesh, a battle horse the Eagle rides