James H. Smith


My thoughts when I was young, a hunter I would always be
In the mountains is where I belonged, that was plain to see
Then Uncle Sam said I need your help, to keep some people free
So off I went to another land, to hunt the enemy
I’m at home now, service to my country done
Hunting now, doesn’t seem quite so fun
Hunter and hunted I now have been
I’m still alive, unlike some other men
Hunting season is upon us now, my friends are full of cheer
Grab your gun boy, let’s go to the woods and get ourselves a deer
A large buck I have in my sights, he’s mine it’s plain to see
He’s hurt no one and carries no gun, he’s not the enemy
Sounds of dying from man or beast, sound the same to me
My gun I lay on the ground and yell go now be free
If my family were hungry, I’d ask your life to sacrifice
To boost my pride, I’ll not ask you to pay the price
I will if need, always a hunter be
I have also been the hunted
So when I look at you, I can feel me