James H. Smith


Reincarnation a question, and story so old
or perhaps a story that need not be told
Will I live again, have I lived before
will I always be, or be never more
Karma said the man is the rule of life
it keeps the world at war and strife
Do unto other’s and they will do unto you
keeps this old world a fighting zoo
I do believe I’ve been here before
chances are good I’ll do one more
So many lessons in life one must learn
getting them right is my main concern
What I think and wonder about most of all
memories from a time before this that I recall
At Dunnottar we fight with sword and arrow by day
At night away from the sea, we carry our dead away
We carry them to their rest on soldier’s hill
families mourn the loss, as we ever will
With forbidden words spoken we sing them on
as we lay them down forever in the cold ground
Today Dunnottar, the land bridge is gone the rocks lay bare
The castle fought for is falling and in bad disrepair
If I were to walk today on that hallowed ground
I would hear the clash of sword, cry of men a battles sound
Within this life I knew and would tell from the age of three
That in a war and battles, I had been and would someday again be
I never liked games of war with the other boy’s
you see, I saw guns and blades as my tools, never toy’s
Is it reincarnation or blood memories running in my vein
I was a warrior a long time ago on Dunnottar’s plain

Dunnotter Castle - Scotland