James H. Smith


I’m tall for the job but thin as a rail
Yep! I’m a Rat, but I got no tail

Daylight above, dark silence below
With .45 and light down I go

Silence and quiet, I find not a sound
Down the tunnel I go, no way to turn around

No room to stand as I crawl on my knees
Courage to do my job, I pray please

Bats on the roof, snake on the ground
Thank you, it’s been awhile since anyone’s been around

Black pajamas, and leg in the room up ahead
How long I ask, tell I find myself dead

A trap well set, but today I won’t play
I’m sure though I’ll be here again, on another day

Don’t call me a hero, just doing my job
As I leave and exit the earth, I heave a small sob

Thank You God for the warm light of day
Down there in that dark tunnel, is not where I wish to stay

Tunnel Rat in Vietnam