James H. Smith


She laughs a little too loud, a little too soon, what was it he said
He listens to her laugh, but reflected from her lonesome eye’s emptiness and hurt

What are you running from pretty lady, or perhaps running to, for what do you search
He see’s and knows for he also has been running, searching for oh! So long

Touch me pretty lady; take away the darkened jungle dreams, from my night
Whisper to me, drowned out the night sounds of the dead that call across time

Talk to me, talk to me lady, tell me of your hurt, for what do you search
What thing in life has passed you by, what is this thing you so long for

Look at me, find the gentle man beneath the hardened warrior, find the tender heart
Milady, let me touch you tender as our hearts touch and our souls entwine

Trust me, talk to me, tell me from what or to what do you run with in your lonesomeness
I have watched my brothers’ blood nourish the jungle ground;
I too have run in my lonesomeness

He stops to think, I have run to love never found, an understanding no one gives
Someone to listen, to hold when the night’s become too dark, and lonesomeness moves in

Touch me lady, let me banish darkened echo’s from your night, remove the lonesome
I too have been hurt and find trusting hard, to open my heart harder

So my I please step inside your lonesome and banish it from your heart
Here take my hand, with in it find my heart, you may have it totally unconditional

Talk to me, talk to me, on my knee I ask talk to me Love of lonesome