James H. Smith


They stand at the feet, the feet of the mighty mountain Shasta
Women and men of iron, bigger than life their shadow cast
They hold memories, lost dreams, life lost but remembered
Lives changed forever, the tear of a small child for a Daddy gone
The Nurses who cared for us all, The Prisoner and Mia
Iron men and women, who stand under summer heat and winter storm
They hold within them the story of mans cruelty to man, the why
The why of war, why shed my brothers blood, why do I fear my brother
They hold within them love for sons, husbands and daughters lost
Despair for some who were there, peace and understanding for others who saw the blood flow
Mighty Shasta look well after these men and women of iron for among them walk
The shadows of dreams of those left behind, the love remembered for the love lost
Among the iron people you may brush a hand
– no one is there: hear words
– a voice has not spoken
Spirits of the fallen warrior walk here where they can remember, close to those left behind
A few soft notes from a wooden flute
– echo a tribute among the people
– from one who was there
We remember brothers, yes we remember, but too soon we will be gone then who is to care
They hold our memories the iron people of the Living Memorial Sculpture Garden
May they stand forever, watched over by the mighty Shasta, we will not be forgotten

“Coming Home” sculpture by Dennis Smith
“Coming Home” sculpture by Dennis Smith
The “Living Memorial Sculpture Garden” is located in Siskiyou County, California