James H. Smith


I’m tired of all the biased TV channel news
With their pointed political limited views
I’m tired of the self righteous leaders who think about war they know best
How to run the world, the people, and all the rest
I’m tired of mother’s tears, when their child is laid in the ground
What good are taps played over the grave, they’re only a trumpet sound?
I’m tired of children brain washed by war movies and video games
It’s too late, there’s no reset, when they find out real war is not the same
I’m tired of the word hero; honor and valor are shown to brothers by the few
Most are just doing their time, trying to live and just get through
I’m tired of all the foreign sand and jungle mud
Stained red by young innocent soldiers’ blood
I’m tired of hearing, for God and Country it’s the way
When they answer before their God, I wonder what they will say
I’m tired of the puffed up talk show hosts and the dribble they all spew
Pushing fright and hate, agitating the many and the few
I’m tired of body bags and rows of white crosses
They can never show the true weight of our losses
I’m tired, I’m a war torn combat vet of me there are many more than one
Ask any of us we understand, war never stops for us – it’s never done