Cicely Fox Smith


Oh, hump your swag and leave, lads,
the ships are in the bay –
We’ve got our marching orders now,
it’s time to come away –
And a long good-bye to Anzac Beach –
where blood has flowed in vain
for we’re leaving it, leaving it, game to fight again!
but some there are will never quit
this bleak and bloody shore –
and some that marched and fought with us
will fight and march no more;
their blood has bought till Judgment Day
the slopes they
stormed so well,
and we’re leaving them, leaving them,
sleeping where
they fell.

Leaving them, leaving them – the bravest and the best –
leaving them, leaving them, and maybe glad to rest!
We did our best with yesterday, tomorrow’s still our own –
But we’re leaving them, leaving them, sleeping all alone.

Ay, they are gone beyond it all, the praising and the blame
and many a man may win renown, but none more fair a fame;
They showed the world Australia’s lads knew well the way to die;
and we’re leaving them, leaving them, quiet where they lie.

Leaving them, leaving them sleeping where they lie –
Leaving them, leaving them, in their glory and their pride.
Round the sea and barren land, over them the sky –
Oh! We’re leaving them, leaving them, so quiet where they lie.

Webmaster’s Note: This poem was obviously written by Ms Smith after the infamous campaign directed by the British in an attempt to take Constantinople during WW1; a debacle that saw the landing of the Australian and New Zealand Forces at the incorrect location at Gallipoli, and which resulted in 11,000 Anzac casualties during the 9 months of fighting the Turks who were well entrenched on top of the steep cliffs at Anzac Cove and Lone Pine.