Ernie Smiling Hawk


Not songs of choice or lover’s voice will ever compare
To the sweet sound of rotor blades as they beat through thick humid air

I am a Vietnam vet I served in the Infantry
The word Grunt refers to men like me

I have seen war at its worst and men at their best
Sadly, I’ve wrapped brothers in ponchos and sent them to their final rest

Now many years later as I lay here in bed
The visions come back to race through my head

The scars on my body will forever remain:
As I touch them, once again I feel the pain

Once again I find myself on the ground
With blood, my blood, all around

As I lay there in unconscionable pain and fear
Came the sweet sound of rotor blades as my Dust-Off drew near

When at long last I reach my final day
I will look back on my life and say

I’ve heard beautiful songs of choice and the sweetness in my lover’s voice,
And yet these cannot compare

To the sweet, sweet sounds of rotor blades
As they beat through thick humid air.