Ernie Smiling Hawk


Ernie Smiling Hawk: No Place to HideAs I sit in the chopper door as far as the eye can see
Stretched out across the land are the rice paddies

Like a giant patchwork quilt they are spread over the land
A thing of true beauty made by my fellow man

There is however another side to this beautiful view
A truly ugly side that is hidden from you

In those paddies death waits to walk at your side
Because in the rice paddies there’s no place to hide

As the chopper lowers us close to the ground
Come the sounds of battle from all around

I look ahead and a frightening sight I see
Oh dear God, it’s a HOT LZ!

I jump from the chopper before touch down
While praying I’m not hit by enemy round

To the safety of the wood line I know I must flee
But I’m stuck in the damn mud clear up to my knees

From deep inside primal energy begins to flow
With anger filled heart I scream ‘NO!’

With unknown strength I pull myself free
I refuse to die in this stinking rice paddy

Stuck in the rice paddy mud many of my brothers died
Because in the rice paddy mud


Author’s Note: Dedicated, with love and respect, to my brother’s who never made it to the wood line