Faye Sizemore

For Terry: 1962 ~ 1999

Some blue skied day
In the brightness of the sun
I’ll let you go, daughter dear
But this day is not the one.

I see your face, I feel you near
Singing in the wind
Your voice I hear
Child of my heart
I find it so hard to part.


Someday your ashes I’ll scatter
Among the mountains
That you loved
Someday it won’t matter
Someday I will have it resolved
Someday I will see
You can’t be left behind
Or apart from me

Someday I will understand
You will always be with me
Singing there still
In the mazes of my mind
I won’t be left alone
For your song goes on

Submitted for the February 2003 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Memory Box