Faye Sizemore


The table is set…
pristine and white
All is ready
for this night
does gleam
and sets the scene
of a fantasy dream
We are all gathered
in delight
for a feast
of chili tonight
Its redness…
stark against
the tablecloth of white
Red like the blood
that flows through our veins
and still haunts
some of our dreams at night
The turned bowls
await a culinary delight
The host
at the head of the table
taping on his glass…
our attentions to enable
He speaks
to us as he says…
“I knew we would all make it here
if we could just learn to persevere…”

In response the poem, “If I Took My Heart and Killed It” – ©Copyright December 8, 2005 by Colin F. Jones

Robin Bass wrote: Okay… now I’m having Coffee with tears in it!!

Here’s my fantasy…

Perhaps one day, you and Karen, Tim and I, Tony and Maria, Faye and Grant can all get together (and by the way I don’t mean to leave anyone out). In my head I see Mary in between her friend, Dennis, and Woody. The first course will be served in Steve’s chili bowls – I want one of those diamond things he’s bragging about.

Ok… I’m running to work… 20 more days till Christmas and Macy’s has singing Christmas trees gadding about… can’t miss that photo op!

Robin Amy Bass
December 5, 2005