Faye Sizemore


That was the loud taunt of the bully bunch
Little Billy turned and he put down his lunch
Anyone there could see that he was so scared
But in a fifth grade bully bunch no one cared

Trembling he said, “No, she does not!”
Stood his ground glued to the spot

Jerry had watched and held back as long as he could
He went and stood by Billy because he knew he should
He grinned as he faced the school bully and his crowd
To them he began to speak in a voice steady and proud

They stepped back as the speaker stepped forward
As they listened their gazes began to be lowered

He said, “Fellas, MY mother DOES wear combat boots
She’s made of the stuff that formed this country’s roots
Always there as trouble comes upon the scene
I’m proud my mother is a United States Marine!”

Submitted for the October 2002 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Combat Boots