Faye Sizemore


My friend, I think I may see,
an old warrior’s face,
in the twilight, a darker side of thee

A side that could tell of war’s bloody Hell,
an unspoken river that still flows,
for you have been there and learned it well

Is there a quickening in your heart
because you know the story so well,
for long ago, you chose a soldier’s part

These soldiers you pray for today will return
to a grateful America’s open arms,
to a Heroes Welcome that they have earned

You, and others like you, stand here to ensure
that they SHALL be welcomed home with PRIDE,
that no sneers will they ever have to endure

On your face shows fierce pride
of these young sisters and brothers
and pain, for the ones who have died

Thrust your old memories into the night,
for there is much to be done
You cannot falter in the coming fight

The young fight today for freedom, you see,
………… and the respect of……
……… Old Soldiers, such as thee………