Faye Sizemore


A thousand and many more
marching on as to war.
What are you crying for?
Could one of them yours?

Is it your son they are going send,
Will this be his young life’s end?
Is it your daughter who will die?
Tell me Mother, why do you cry?

Is that a father who’s marching on;
Will his fate be the same as her son?
Maybe it’s someone’s uncle or brother;
Could it be that it’s a friend or lover?

Look around, look around
Before it’s too late we may find
They have gone with the drums of war
Following the marching feet as before

Tell me America, What are you crying for?

The “Crying” Trilogy

Part 1: What Are You Crying For? by Faye Sizemore
Part 2: I Cry Because… by Lou J. Klaiber
Part 3: Eternal Tears by Lucille J. Biscaglio