Faye Sizemore and Friends


They were soldiers of the truest kind
That they be found is our dearest prayer
In the jungle through the trees
The hidden metal of a war plane gleams
Hoping against hope that the searcher sees

The brother, the son, the father, the friend
Will this be the end?
Of all their suffering, and all their pain
Will they be reunited again?

Here! United with friends and whispering,
that becomes
a solemn prayer, they appear
as they were,
and what they have become!

And they thank you for your heartgifts
all of these years.

…… and to the young who believe,
they leave tears upon the sweetgrass
and walk with you,

side by side!

One moment away!
as brave spirits upon the very road of time

And as the rain falls from the heavens
I reflect upon their names and wonder;
is the rain falling on them too…
or is it tears of sadness that is drowning their memory

but those brave spirits will haunt the kind and gentle people
the sad and lonely people
the carers and sharers
for eternity.

these and those will broach no forgetfulness!