Faye Sizemore


Among these pictures of war
that cannot leave my mind
is one of a pastor, in mourning,
standing in his church, in Cleveland, Ohio
grief-stricken with his head bowed…
He has lost his only child… a soldier, in Iraq
There is a mother bent over a coffin
… unable to stand as the tears flow…
in a state, I forget where,
but not the grief on her face
A young wife, clutching a folded flag,
at a ceremony… in a cemetery,
for a soldier who can never come home
A mother and a father, standing, lonely,
but so proud, listening as taps play,
… picture could be Anywhere, USA
Grandparents in Barnwell, South Carolina
losing the grandchild they raised…
to a war, a soldier, in a foreign land
These are the pictures of war
that cannot leave my mind
They are engraved there,
… to stay, for all time…