Faye Sizemore


From the Forgotten War
Many voices call…
tolling history’s dark page
Voices who are wanting
vindication and truth told
voices from another age
Korean voices singing of wrong to me
Listen and hear… American child…
of the killing at the bridge at No Gun Ri
Hardly more than boys… the lives they took
are recorded in wars bloody book
because orders could not be overlooked
The farmers were not the enemy
but they and their families were ordered fired upon
and killed at the bridge at No Gun Ri

Who will answer for those crying voices…
… of the slaughtered civilians at No Gun Ri?
…… Perhaps those who made the choices

The Bridge at No Gun Ri, South Korea
Ninety-four year old Chung Eun Yong points out the bullet holes from US 7th Cavalry rifle fire: October 2009