Faye Sizemore

Faye Sizemore: Veterans Day, 2004VETERANS DAY, 2004

Veterans Day has come again
and you must know… my friend…
the time to honor veterans is everyday
There are more and more slipping away
and more still are coming each day
to fit and fill the newly emptied shoes…
To honor them we cannot help but choose
to go to the place where they lay
Each one is special in their own way
there among the lilies and the little flags
We are… each one… still in their debt today
All fought for the Red White and Blue
and while under it they stood true
Remember them with honor and also… too
their many Allies from another land
who beside them fought hand in hand…
for with America they did stand
Salute the flag in their honor today
Sing an anthem or pray… as you may…
for these soldiers that gave all as their part
Let us keep them… each… everyday in our heart
Veterans from every war… those sleeping or those still awake
Thank them for all the many freedoms that we can take…