Faye Sizemore


Dreaming is strange, sometimes in kind
It is a walk gone on without your mind

So just imagine how I felt if you can
Looking down to find a rifle in my hand

I dreamed I was a soldier in a war torn land
Somehow I had gotten separated from my band

I was much younger, no longer old
I was so strong; I was so bold

I walked the trail with no fears
I felt much wiser than my years

I heard sounds of a firefight up ahead
There was no telling how many were dead

Eyes straining to see, ears tuned for a sound
Without warning enemies were all around

I heard someone ahead give an awful scream
But I just can’t pick up the thread of the dream

The shock of it all was just so great
That all of a sudden I was wide awake

Somehow I have to go back to sleep, if I can
I’m needing to know, did I run or did I stand