Faye Sizemore


So many Grandfathers and Great-grandfathers are on the Wall
There is a gap left in my life that can never filled at all
Many grandchildren have never known a grandpa’s arms
because his life was taken because of Vietnam’s harms
It is said that one never misses what one never had
but your absence… Grandpa… has always made me sad
I am so proud to have your name up there pointed out to me
but… Grandpa… I lowered my head so my tears you would not see
I am so very sorry that you had to die
Grandpa… I never knew you and still do not understand why…
and… Grandpa… it cannot be true that soldiers never cry…

“Visions” ~ Copyright June 2004 by Richard D. Preston
Photograph: “Visions” ~ Copyright June 2004 by Richard D. Preston