Faye Sizemore


“Shell shocked,” that’s what they said
And then you sent a letter that read

Those words every soldier dreaded to hear
It said “I can’t wait for you, John, dear”

I had put my life on the line in that war
And I wondered what had I been fightin’ for

The road back has been years long
It is a long way that I have gone

Way back there on my path
The undaunted demons still laugh

To find my way was not certain
For you had drawn the curtain

Closing the windows of home
Leaving me out here all alone

Alone I couldn’t sense the lovelight
That used to comfort me at night

They told me you weren’t aroun’
Said you’d moved into Flower Town

Finally found my way back to your door
In psychedelic colors sign on it readin’
“Whatcha’ come here for.
You don’t live here anymore”

Now I’m still wondering.
Just what was I fightin’ for.?