Faye Sizemore


I am all powerful
I need no mighty armies
for all of theirs are mine
and those of their enemies
To meet in my honor…
they journey near and far
… giving their young bodies
as offerings for my fire
whilst I merrily dance
about their funeral pyre
I am more powerful
than the lightning in the skies
I can call the breath
from their bodies
and the sight from their eyes
I make all mothers weep
and the grown men cry
for brothers they must seek
until the day that they die…
I am a wild river
that flows deep and wide
Raging… ever onward…
ignoring the screams
of those that have died
… a river of death and blood
engulfing all in my mighty flood
My tides shall ebb
and flow forevermore
Bow your heads
and acknowledge me…
for my name is WAR…