Faye Sizemore


First week in December
First fall of new snow
Long ago the birds did go

The ragged coated hatless man
huddled against the bricks
where the wind was lest to land

Should have followed the birds
Don’t know if he’s gonna make it…
Should have headed to a warmer climate

The tenants of cardboard city
have moved to the alleyways
lookin’ for some warmth and pity

The ragged coat is pulled ever tighter
Gonna seek a sleep and a meal…
downtown where the lights are brighter

The snow falls deeper
and settles on the shoulder
of this warrior turned seeker

He spies a closed jewelry store
with its windows all aglitter
and sets about his chosen chore

Finds a brick and gives a throw
… just like he lobed those grenades
in the Vietnam jungle so long ago

A splintering sound… the window breaks
and he smiles as the alarm sounds
Sometimes a man does whatever it takes…

Sirens screaming… coming from the right
Flashing lights coming closer… and closer
A plan to be warm… at least for tonight