Faye Sizemore


Whenever the shadows are seen
amidst the darkest dream
there is another shadow
… with a lighter sheen
Hope is found everywhere
… even in the darkest mire

Search the shadows among the dark shapes…
so menacingly there… See… almost unnoticed
is another shape… with its mouth agape
Look for it and you will see it shining there
Sometimes just a glint… no bigger than a hair
Listen… Can you hear the sounding of its care
Hope is singing to all soldiers true
It beckons to those… the haunted… of you
It’s the dim… dim slimmest glow…
among the shadow shapes that darker grow
… appearing in the darkest of dreams
those of lost nightmares and silent screams
Fight with all your might to run toward its light
… when the shapes and shadows come at night
May your nightmares grow ever… ever so dimmer
and Hope’s glint become a moon sized shimmer